The candles have been lit. The instrumental and melodic music has been set on play, and here I am sat with my laptop in front of me. Considering how important it is to take a moment and take a breather from life. I often try to use times like these to clear my mind, and … Continue reading TAKE A BREATH •


Have you ever found yourself wanting to complete an activity or task, but came to the realisation that – after distractions and other responsibilities – you were somehow out of time? Like there just was not enough time in the day to get round to all the activities you’d wanted do? Same here. It might … Continue reading ROOM FOR ROUTINE •


I am not entirely sure what got me into blogging. Whether it had been something as simple as watching the romantic-comedy, The Perfect Man (Directed by Rosman, 2005), over and over as a teenager. Watching how Hilary Duff’s character typed away on her laptop from the windowsill, of every other home at every other location … Continue reading WHY BLOG? •


The name is Jayne, and welcome to Our Journey in Chapters. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. Our Journey in Chapters began in 2020-21, when a year of health hiccups, heartache, and few other ups-and-downs, were turned into this digital journal. Having grown from each experience, we – my … Continue reading INTRODUCTION •

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