About Us

An Introduction.

The name is Jayne, and welcome to Our Journey in Chapters. Thank you so much for stopping by! Our Journey in Chapters started in 2020, when a life full of health hiccups, heartache and a few other ups-and-downs, were turned into this digital journal. Having grown from each experience, we – my partner, Peter, and I – wanted to share with you our story.

I like to write about everything and anything that I feel passionate about. When I am not working or tending to family, I am often sat in front of my laptop writing different content for you all. You will find a ton of content on Our Journey in Chapters! There are plenty of tips and tricks for you to consider, from looking after yourself, your loved ones and your four-legged pals too.

I hope you find what you are looking for, and enjoy having a browse. I am always around for a chat, so come and find me on Twitter where I spend most of my time! Will look forward to hearing from you!

~ Jayne (Author) x