About Us

An Introduction.

The name is Jayne, and welcome to Our Journey in Chapters. Thank you kindly for stopping by!

Our Journey in Chapters began in 2020-21, after years of health hiccups, heartaches, and a few other ups-and-downs were turned into this digital journal. Having grown from each experience, we – my partner, Peter, and I – wanted to share with you our story. The aim of this website is to have it become a platform for where we can share with you some of our experiences and thoughts on a range of different topics. Most of which will be written by me, Jayne.

Now, I like to write about everything and anything I feel passionate about. When I am not working or tending to family, I am often sat in front of my laptop writing different content for you all – or just unloading some thoughts in my journal. Feel free to have a browse! You will find a ton of content on Our Journey in Chapters. There are plenty of tips and tricks for you to consider, from looking after yourself, your loved ones and even your much loved furry four-legged friends too!

Whatever the case, I hope you either find what you are looking for and enjoy having a browse. I am always round for a chat, so feel free to leave a comment on my posts, or come and find me on Twitter where I spend most of my spare time! I will look forward to hearing from you!

~ Jayne | ourjourneyinchapters.com