I am not entirely sure what got me into blogging. Whether it had been something as simple as watching the romantic-comedy, The Perfect Man (Directed by Rosman, 2005), over and over as a teenager. Watching how Hilary Duff’s character typed away on her laptop from the windowsill, of every other home at every other location she had been to. Writing about the challenges she faced as a teenage girl, whilst her Mother and young sibling moved from house to house and from town to town. Never settling down, constantly uprooting and travelling around. It is a good film, if you haven't watched it already. I would definitely give it a watch one day! ^_^

Over the last few years though, I have found myself become one with my thoughts. I guess, constantly trying to process situations that have occurred that have left me baffled or hurt, and I can admit that sometimes it has been a little too much to bare. Now, I find myself in a place in my life where the voices want to be heard and the stories need to be told, where I hope to share my advice with someone else and help them make peace with their own daily dilemmas or inner demons. There is nothing wrong with sharing stories after all

As I mentioned above blogging can give someone a chance to shine, a chance to share their wisdom, or – like me – to be a platform for the many tales they feel the need to be told. And whilst I take to the world of blogging, I – like the many before me – am just trying to live the best version of myself in a constantly evolving world. I am just hoping to find a platform that will allow me to free my voice.

Thank you for taking the time to read this .

~ Jayne

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