INTRODUCTION | The name is Jayne, and it is very nice to meet you! Please allow me to introduce myself.

I am a twenty-something cat mother and the occasional blogger, who probably spends a little too much time watching re-runs of Friends or Grey’s Anatomy, drinking fruit teas or mochas, and often indulging in chocolate whenever given the opportunity to do so. To define myself even further, I would say I am someone who enjoys an array of different films, reading fiction and non-fictional books, going on aventerous hikes, and is someone who takes thousands-upon-thousands of photographs. Believe me, I take LOADS. If I am not working or handling some form of family drama, you will find me either browsing through blogs or social media posts, tending to the cat, or writing up my next post.

Now, the idea of OUR JOURNEY IN CHAPTERS began in 2020-2021 after a year of health hiccups, multiple family heartaches and a few other ups and downs were turned into this digital journal. Something I am quite proud of, I must say. Having came to the belief that we – my partner, Peter, and I – had grown from each experience, I wanted to share with you our story. With the intention and hope it may help you with your own.

You will find a ton of content on OUR JOURNEY IN CHAPTERS. Ranging from self-care advice, ideas on how to organise your personal space and surroundings, and notes on how to manage your health by altering your lifestyle accordingly. What ever tip you may find helpful. Not to mention there will be advice on looking after your four-legged friends too! There will be plenty of tips and tricks coming in the near future, so be sure to give us a follow for further updates. Whatever the case, I hope you find what you are looking for, and enjoy having a browse through all the content. Be sure to leave a comment, as I would love to hear from you all too! I am always around for a chat, you can find me on my TWITTER and INSTAGRAM pages. Be warned, I can ramble!

~ Jayne


Disclaimer: Due to the nature of some of my future blogs, I would just like to note that if you feel the need of any help and support, please see our Advice & Support page. You will find links to various charities and organisations that are there to help.

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