The name is Jayne, and welcome to Our Journey in Chapters. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. Our Journey in Chapters began in 2020-21, when a year of health hiccups, heartache, and few other ups-and-downs, were turned into this digital journal. Having grown from each experience, we – my partner, Peter, and I – wanted to share with you our story. After all, we all have advice, wisdom, and words to share.

You will find a ton of content on Our Journey in Chapters! Advice on self-care, ideas on how to organise your surroundings, and notes on how to manage your health and altering your lifestyles accordingly. There are plenty of tips and tricks for you to consider. From looking after yourselves, your loved ones, and even your four-legged friends too. Please see our Main Categories for more. Whatever the case, I hope you find what you are looking for, and enjoy having a browse through all of Our Journey in Chapters content.

For a glance into our personal lives, you will find many of our tales and life experiences in our journal. This will range from various topics, that include: achievements, adventures, bereavement, family, fundraising, health, and our relationship. I tend to write about everything and anything I feel passionate about. Knowing that my words could help provide some comfort to those of you who have experience similar things in life too.

I am always around for a chat, so come and find me on Twitter or Instagram where I spend most of my time!

~ Jayne x | Jayne, The Author

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