Have you ever found yourself wanting to complete an activity or task, but came to the realisation that – after distractions and other responsibilities – you were somehow out of time? Like there just was not enough time in the day to get round to all the activities you’d wanted do? Same here. It might not have been an activity, it could have been something … Continue reading • ROOM FOR ROUTINE •


Now, I am not entirely sure what got me into blogging, to tell you the honest truth. Whether it was the idea of writing about things on a regular basis, being able to communicate with others, or whether it had been something as simple as liking the idea after watching the romantic-comedy film, The Perfect Man (Rosman, 2005) over and over with my sisters when … Continue reading • WHY I AIM TO BLOG •


The name is Jayne. Welcome to Our Journey in Chapters. First of all, thank you for taking the time to be here and for reading this post. Our Journey in Chapters began in 2020-21, after a year of health hiccups, heartache and a few other ups-and-downs were turned into this digital journal. Having believed we have grown from each experience, we – my partner, Peter, … Continue reading • INTRODUCTION •